We handle every step of production for you - from start to finish!


Studio shoots and extraordinary locations can be challenging & pricey. You want to explore alternatives of how to produce your commercial?


We service productions in countries where rates are a 1/5th of what producers are used to in expensive capitals. With much lower production costs, but the same high quality of the work, you get more value for your money!

How we can guarantee the high quality of our productions abroad?

CARAVAN has long-lasting partnerships with creatives, craftsmen & suppliers across the world. Our contacts to governmental & municipal organisations allow us to guarantee that our productions are smooth, safe & can be delivered in a timely manner within your budget. Whatever it is you need, wherever you need it, you can rely on our experienced & international team to make it happen.

What you can expect:

  • Profiling of your production (strengths and weaknesses) 

  • Proposals of countries and their advantages (Budget, schedule and general location proposals) 

  • Financial handling of the productions shooting budget, allowing you to focus solely on your clients/agency needs and requests.

  • Casting of talent & extras if required 

  • Access to local creatives such as DOP’s and their technical teams.

  • Payroll handling of crew & talent 

  • Supply of technical equipment

  • Insurance of local team and local talent

  • Location management (permits.. etc) 

We have  experience in over 50 cities all over the world we can mobilise a production nearly anywhere with a quick turnaround. Among these are London, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Milan, St. Petersburg, Bukarest, Amman, Bogotá, Medellin, New York, Tokyo & many more.


  • budget and schedule your shoot (pre/ post & production)

  • set up and manage the work-flow and communication channels

  • support you with presentations and PPMs

  • we give you access to a great, diverse, trustworthy and professional pool of creative collaborators (directors/ cinematographers / production designers / costume designers / make-up artists...)

  • scout and manage your locations (incl. insurances and permits)

  • source & manage the crew of craftsmen and technicians

  • cast talent & extras and handle                                 their agents

  • support your creative vision and the communication with creative HoD’s

  • deliver storyboards

  • inform your choice of the shooting formats (integrated production)

  • supervise a smooth shoot

  • support your creative vision & communication with your HoDs​​

  • supply the creative post-production team ( editors/ sound-designers/ composers/ mixers/ graders)

  • supply the facilities

  • set up the post-production pipeline and work flow

  • facilitate timely deliveries

  • support the presentation of edit/mix/grade versions to the client

  • deliver all formats required​