We create digital content to market and develop your brand's philosophy.


CARAVAN accompanies you from start to finish. Based on your needs and your brand’s mission we develop A CREATIVE CONCEPT, which we take to PRE-PRODUCTION, where we carefully plan and budget the project to guarantee a successful PRODUCTION, so that we can film great material and accompanying SOCIAL ASSETS for the POST-PRODUCTION which is carried out by high-end professionals, so that when we finally hand-over the DELIVERY of the end-product in time and budget,

you are happy and come back to work with us!

How we know what makes our clients happy?

We studied what makes them unhappy.


  • Creative Idea doesn’t meet the client’s brief/ doesn’t solve the client’s task

  • Creative Idea is mediocre

  • Product doesn't match the creative idea

  • Significant budget overrun

  • Significant delay of delivery

  • Product doesn’t meet technical requirements for usage and distribution



  • Your brand  requirements were not researched properly and therefore not reflected in the creative idea

  • Lack of innovation

  • Unrealistic creative/ financial  promises

  • Bad planning

  • Unexpected operational changes (i.e. weather conditions, illness)

  • Poor management and communication between various production stages

  • Delay or lack of decisions

  • Poor change request procedures

  • Missing usage of synergies

  • Inconsistent quality of delivey by creatives, crew and subcontractors


  • Thorough research of your brand identity and message

  • We develop our ideas with a pool of creatives which is international, diverse, unconventional, highly educated and professional. We benchmark our ideas against the best.

  • Our expertise of complex international, high-end productions enable us to translate creative ideas into tangible and feasible projects from the beginning on.

  • Our validated production plan covers time, budget and resource planning.

  • We are experienced in dealing with emergencies and will offer you cost-transparent solutions. 

  • Our end-to-end service means that we stand for a seamless integrations between creatives, departments and subcontractors.

  • We have a clear structure defining the process of decision making and role allocation.

  • We have a transparent change request procedure with validates budget indications, to meet new creative challenges.

  • We offer integrated multimedia-production packages  (including film, photo and social media assets)

  • We have an established and trust-worthy network of creatives, craftsmen and subcontractors all over Europe.